Production Process

Manufacture of Bends:
Medium-Frequency Heating and Bending —— Heat Treatment —— Testing —— Beveling

Elbows Production:
Cutting —— Elbow Forming —— Shaping —— Beveling

Tees Production:
Billet Heating ——Billet Pressing —— Half-Pipe Water Cooling —— Bulge Forming —— Punching —— Heat Treatment —— Inspection —— Beveling

Fusion-Bonded Epoxy Coating for Bends Production:
Shot Blasting ——Fusion-Bonded Epoxy Coating for Bends

Polyethylene Coating for Steel Pipes Production:
Fully-Automated Production Line for 3-layer PE Coated, Anti-Corrosion Steel Pipes

Steps of Producing Bends

    Steel pipe heating and bending

    Heat treatment for the pipes

    Pipe beveling

Production Process of Elbows

    Steel pipe cutting

    Elbow forming

    Elbow shaping

    Pipe beveling

Tees Production Line

    Billet heating

    Billet pressing

    Water cooling for tees

    Bulge forming


    Heat treatment for the tees

    Pipe beveling

Steps to make FBE anti-corrosion bends

    Shot blasting for bends

    FBE pipe processing

Automatic anti-corrosion steel pipe production line

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