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At AHAD we maintain an abundant inventory of raw materials, so no matter how large an order we receive we always have the supplies in hand to satisfy demand. All steel materials are purchased from the market-leading iron and steel companies, such as Baosteel, TPCO, Baogang Group and Ansteel just to name a few. Additionally, We own an advanced material testing lab, for the purpose of strict quality control procedures, including a full range of physical and chemical tests. With these labs, we can also control the quality of raw materials in a scientific manner.

With the support of a comprehensive collection of top-notch production facilities, advanced manufacturing techniques and meticulous testing methods, we strictly implement the ISO9001 quality management system for effective control of the entire production process. Currently, the company has earned the ISO9001, PED, AD2000 and API Q1 certification. We are also licensed to manufacture special equipment in China.

At AHAD we offer specialized packaging solutions according to the characteristic of each product. For instance, the elbows are packed with stretch film, pallets and protective covers. This means we can secure the products and transport them easily, ensuring that the buyers will receive the products in perfect condition.

To date, the company has offered a wide range of products and quality services to industries including petroleum, natural gas, electric power, chemical, ship, heat supply, papermaking, metallurgy, and so forth. We have set up offices in Spain, Turkey, Iran, India and Brazil, allowing us to better serve the global customers.

A panoramic view of the plant
Warehouse for Raw Materials

    High quality seamless steel pipes with different diameters from Tianjin Pipe Group

Physical Laboratory

    Before being put into production, the purchased seamless steel pipes have to undergone several physical performance tests. Here in the physical laboratory, we have introduced a universal testing machine, an impact tester, a tensile testing machine, as well as other testing equipment.

    Universal testing machine
    The universal testing machine is employed to measure the yield strength, the tensile strength, and the elongation of the stainless steel.

    Impact tester
    The operator is testing the impact resistance of GB/T699 20# steel with an impact tester.

Chemical Laboratory

    Testing the manganese content of steels

    Our inspector is using an element analyzer to determine the element content including manganese, phosphorus, copper, and sulfur for the seamless steel pipes.

Shot Blasting Machine

    Shot blasting is a compulsory process for most of our pipe products, playing a role in cleaning and enhancing workpieces’ surface and improving the hardness of the pipes and pipe fittings.

Quality Inspection for Finished Pipe Products

    Radiographic Testing (RT)
    Flaws as well as position and size of the flaws are detected here for elbows, tees, bends and other products using X-ray.

    Dimensional Inspection
    Size detection, the most common test, is related to inspecting the inner diameter, the outer diameter and other aspects of bends, tees, etc.

Ultrasonic Testing

    Ultrasonic flaw detector
    This process mainly involves using ultrasonic flaw detector to test the flaws of elbows.

    Testing the Coating Thickness
    Before packaging and delivery, a strict coating thickness test must be given for our anti-corrosion pipe fittings, especially the 3PE pipe fittings. It is required that inspectors have to test at least 5 different points for each part of the pipes.

Pipe Fittings Packaging

    The pipes and pipe fittings in AHAD will be given strict inspection and appropriate packaging before shipping. For example, our elbows are packed with wrap film and trays to protect them from damage during delivery.

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